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Welcome to my shop! I am a self-run illustrator based in California! My store is a mom and pop shop, and we try our best to ensure each order is packed with love! 

My dream is for my art work brings even a little joy to your day! Each order not only treats you to something charming and special, but helps my days as an artist going bright! Thank you so much for your love and support!


Meet the crew!

mi | Owner, Designer

Hewwow! mi here, and I am behind all the art, design, merch, website, and social media! I started my journey in selling merch online and at cons in 2017. I like eating food and weird things in general.


Lisa | Shipping Lead, Customer Service

Hey everyone! Whenever Rainubrew is busy, you'll see me step up to the plate! I'll be the one helping orders and answering emails to ensure everyone gets a timely response and their orders swiftly. English is not my first language, so please bare with me as I try my best! 

*Important* Due to the pandemic and current USPS situation, shipping may be severely delayed, especially for international orders. Please order with this in mind!